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Who We Are
Who We Are
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Who We Are

Extended Campus brings together continuing and professional education offerings from programs across The University of Texas at Austin. We connect you to industry leaders and top faculty to enhance your professional development and growth.

Our Mission

The mission of the Extended Campus at The University of Texas at Austin is to enhance the university’s impact by expanding access to a first-class education to a broad range of students in order to promote lifelong learning while addressing economic and workforce development needs in Texas and beyond.

As UT Austin’s President Jay Hartzell noted in his 2022 State of the University Address, “Education is accelerating its shift from a one-time experience to a life-long engagement as we skill, upskill and reskill large portions of the workforce.”

A Message from Leadership

Welcome to Extended Campus at The University of Texas at Austin!

I am pleased to welcome you to the Extended Campus—our gateway to the many continuing and professional education programs that UT has to offer. I am proud of the work that has gone to making The University of Texas a top-tier source of lifelong career-focused learning opportunities.

I know you have a lot of options when considering continuing and professional education offerings. What sets Extended Campus apart is our commitment to bringing the expertise of our university community to enhance your life and career goals. The University of Texas is one of the premier public universities with world-class researchers and an innovative approach to teaching.

I hope you find a program at Extended Campus that aligns with your professional goals and expands your horizons, and we hope to see you in class soon!

A Message from Leadership

Art Markman, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs




Meet the Leadership Council

To fulfill this mission, we have brought together a team of dedicated and visionary leaders to coordinate and improve our continuing and professional education programs across campus.

Glen Baumgart


College of Pharmacy
Molly Bray

Professor and Chair

College of Natural Sciences

Marla Gilliland

Director of Course Development

Liberal Arts ITS
Doreen Lorenzo

Assistant Dean

School of Design and Creative Technologies
Art Markman

Vice Provost

Extended Education Ventures
Lewis Miller

Assistant Director

Extended Campus Custom Training
Michael Nava

Ed.D. Program Faculty Director

College of Education
Gaylen Paulson

Associate Dean

McCombs School of Business

Soo Young Reih

Professor and Associate Dean for Education in School of Information

School of Information
Gregory J. Smith, JD

Assistant Dean for Continuing Legal Education

School of Law
Anita Vangelisti

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Graduate Education

Moody College of Communication
Toni Wegner

Assistant Vice Provost for Operations

Extended Education Ventures
Woodrow Winchester

Executive Director

Texas Engineering Executive Education

Michelle Broadway

Assistant Dean

The Graduate School

Emily Vinas

Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Education & Director of Continuing Medical Education

Dell Medical School
A Longhorn History of  Excellence

A Longhorn History of Excellence

For more than a century, Extended Campus programs have helped the university serve the people of Texas, developing innovative solutions to the challenges of the day, preparing for the future and expanding access to the university’s resources and experts.

A Longhorn History of  Excellence

Our History

We were born in 1909 to "increase the usefulness of the University to the people of Texas." Throughout our history, campus-wide collaboration has resulted in innovations and cutting-edge delivery to serve students and their communities. Visionaries tackled barriers to education with offerings that evolved from by-mail correspondence into 24/7 online courses.

A Longhorn History of  Excellence

Extended Campus Today

Our exceptional faculty and UT resources are the stars of our programs. Our instructors have real-world experience and literally “practice what they teach.” We facilitate for-credit and non-credit professional and continuing education for more than 75,000 students, a number that is accelerating as workforce needs expand.

A Longhorn History of  Excellence

Our Vision, Your Future

As the world changes in unforeseen ways, our forward-looking education teams anticipate workforce and economic demands to provide sought-after skills just being imagined. By focusing on the future, we serve our thriving Texas community and its employers as well as our community of learners.


Lifelong learning is ready for you.
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Online. In Class. World Class. Extended Campus at UT Austin provides continuing and professional education options for individuals and groups. Check out our program catalog or inquire about custom solutions.