Flexible Course Options
for UT Austin Credit

Flexible Options for UT Austin Credit

University Extension provides a range of exceptional educational opportunities to individuals seeking college credit from The University of Texas at Austin. We offer flexible course options and formats and work with our academic partners in the campus colleges to develop special programs and courses.

Courses offered by University Extension do not require UT admission, but are UT courses taught on campus, in UT Austin classrooms, and online to students ready for college courses. Each course has met the approval of UT Austin academic departments, and each course is taught by UT or UT-approved instructors. Courses offered by University Extension are transferable and appear on an official university transcript.

Please note that University Extension provides individuals with the opportunity to earn college credit, but does not grant degrees.

Our Students

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and have uniquely individual goals, but they all share the same drive and independent spirit that leads them to The University of Texas at Austin for the resources and educational experiences they need to make the impact they want in their world.

Semester Courses

In the classroom and online, University Extension offers many college credit courses in a wide variety of subjects each semester.

Courses may be taken for professional development, to help with career transitions, to make progress toward a degree, or for pure self-enrichment. University Extension offers courses from many of our campus colleges, including, Red McCombs School of Business, Moody College of Communication, College of Education, College of Fine Arts, College of Liberal Arts, and College of Natural Sciences.

Visit our semester course listing to browse what we offer. See our calendar for registration dates, class start dates, and other important deadlines.

Self-Paced Online Courses

University Extension offers self-paced, online college credit courses that can be taken anytime, any place for UT Austin credit. Just like our semester-based courses, University Extension self-paced online courses provide college credit from The University of Texas at Austin and are taken directly from the UT Austin course inventory, with the same course numbers as courses offered in the regular UT Austin academic curriculum. Self-paced online courses are taught by instructors approved by UT Austin academic departments and may be taken for a letter grade, on a credit / no credit basis, for professional development, or for personal enrichment.

Learn more about our self-paced online courses by browsing the course listing.

Note for Current UT Austin Students

University Extension provides students enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin with many alternatives to the traditional classroom experience. We offer both evening classroom and online distance learning courses for UT Austin college credit, including many core curriculum courses.  University of Texas students can take University Extension courses, provided they obtain the proper approval, if needed.

Learn more about how UEX courses work for UT Austin students.