About TEXAS Extended Campus

Jobs. Promotions. Better lives. These are the goals of TEXAS Extended Campus (TEC), a vibrant family of programs offering high-value professional training, continuing education and innovative learning backed by The University of Texas at Austin.

TEC is built on decades of creative educational initiatives that serve learners ranging from high school and college students to job-seekers, mid-career professionals and, yes, retirees. With TEC’s array of programming, anyone can join the university community at any age.

As a self-supporting unit, TEC proves that a passion for empowering personal and professional growth makes solid economic sense. We work with community and industry leaders, actively re-evaluating and updating our mix of programs to match the skills that employers tell us they want in new hires. Corporations, state agencies, nonprofits and the local economy all benefit from our collaborative approach and relevant coursework.

Our History

Launched in 1909 as the Department of Extension to “increase the usefulness of the University to the people of Texas,” TEC was proposed by then UT President Sidney E. Mezes and approved by the Board of Regents. And so, for more than a century, TEC has developed innovative programs to expand access to the university’s resources and experts.

Visionaries tackled the mission with enthusiasm, educational excellence and creativity. First-ever programs and cutting-edge delivery methods resulted from collaborative problem solving. Programs began to remove barriers to education in Texas, and now around the globe. The spirit of entrepreneurship keeps the division alive and dynamic by creating and serving where needed, supporting expenses and even returning profits to the University.

In the early years, programs such as the University Interscholastic League and radio station KUT were created and nurtured. Later, educators responded to needs in the oil and gas industry to create professional training to support a leading Texas industry.

Throughout the years, programs like evening and online college credit were developed to serve non-traditional students here in Austin and beyond. Smaller programs such as the life-changing Pen City Writers for incarcerated Texas men debuted.

Innovation remains a hallmark at TEC.